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BMW M240i Convertible

car review bmw m240i convertible

The BMW M240i Convertible isn’t an actual M car; instead it’s a regular convertible with a dusting of technology from BMW’s M Division. For the styling, that doesn’t mean a lot: in front, there are just a few black plastic accents to make it slightly more aggressive than a regular 2 Series, while the rear has the twin exhaust tail pipes. It’s a well-proportioned compact car that still manages to have muscle, mixed in with drop top glamour and a generally attractive appearance. The material for the canvas hood is particularly nice - not just the flat black stuff you’d usually expect, but a material called Anthracite Effect.

When using it as a drop top cruiser, the M240i is ideal; in fact, it’s preferable to having the roof up, simply because with that soft top in place, the interior becomes quite rattly, thanks to the multitude of roof mechanism parts shaking around. On the move, the M240i Convertible has light steering but a harder M Sport Suspension, which isn't exactly conducive to a chilled cruise, especially over rougher surfaces.

If you want to get the best out of the car, you have to really drive it: the motor is an absolute ripper, with 250kW and a massive 500Nm. The power delivery is strong and linear, pushing the car from 0-100 in under 5 seconds - after which it just keeps on shoving, meaning you get up to proper speed with no effort at all. It may weigh a portly 1600kg, but it has a power-to-weight ratio that’s bordering Porsche 718 Boxster territory. The 8-speed auto will deliver a kick on downshifts in sport mode, and is, generally, faultless. The handling is sure footed, the steering weights up nicely and the car reacts quickly and good feel.

car review bmw m240i iDrive controller

All of which says that the the M240i Convertible is not really about drop top glamour - despite its roof made out of recycled cocktail dress, and its interior. The iDrive controller is matched to switchgear with good feel and a user-friendly interface. Overall, it’s comfortable setup with typical BMW layout and ergonomics; and because that roof isn’t the folding metal kind, there’s still a decent amount of boot space when it’s down.

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