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Audi Q2 1.4T FSI Sport S tronic

car review audi q2

The Audi Q2 may not convince everyone with its styling, but I guess that if you’re reading this, you’re one of its fans! If you haven’t yet seen one in the metal, here are a few things look out for when you do: the most stand-out bit is a carved out shape just below the window line, which then results in some interesting shapes both in where the line starts and where it ends.

The contrasting C pillar panels are a sort of similar idea to blades on the R8 - just miniaturized - providing some extra colour and a bit of sporty intent. The rear also does things a little differently; rather than being just a a slightly larger A3 or a scaled down A5, it has its own take on what a hatch should look like.

In front, there are a lot of familiar Audi cues: the shape of the grille, and the LED daytime running light pattern. And as you move on from there, you find that the Q2 isn’t all that different from other Audis.

It also drives like a lot of other Audis. Despite the raised driving position, the ride setup is fairly sporty; the handling is confident, with good steering - this is not the SUV to choose if you’re looking for something that enjoys getting dirty. For its size, it feels amazingly agile; it doesn’t mind corners and doesn’t start leaning all over the place and feeling all soft when you throw it a few challenges; the optional Drive Select system also encourages you to switch it into dynamic mode and take advantage of the sharper throttle and steering.

The 1.4 TFSI puts out 110kW and 250Nm; the power delivery is slightly laggy, but well-matched to the chassis - the result is an enjoyable drive, and an ability to have a bit of fun when you want it.

car review audi q2 interior

The interior follows the Audi recipe: slick design with a solid build and a good amount of tech. The boot will carry up to 1000 litres of luggage, which should be more than adequate for the everyday commute.

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