Volkswagen ID4 Unveiled

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24 September 2020

The second model in the company's all-electric assault

Volkswagen’s first fully-electric compact SUV, the ID.4, has been launched.

Built on VW’s MEB electric vehicle platform, ID.4 is powered by a single 150kW electric motor on the rear axle. 0-100km/h time is claimed to be 8,5 seconds, with top speed pegged at 160km/h. The 77kWh battery has a claimed range of 520km, with a 60% DC charge time of 30 minutes.

The packaging of an electric drivetrain is generally more compact than traditional internal combustion setups, and the same is true of the ID.4, with VW claiming interior space being similar to bigger SUVs. The dashboard layout is entirely button-free, with controls being handled by two displays, the bigger of which is up to 12 inches. Optionally available will be an augmented reality head up display which shows information, like navigation instructions, on the road surface ahead of the driver.

According to Volkswagen South Africa, the ID.4 is under consideration for local release. Whether or not we get to see the ID.4 on our roads will depend on market demand, as well as the implementation of government’s policies such as the South African Low-Carbon Transport Project, which aims to install EV charging infrastructure and raise awareness of electric vehicles.