Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat

05 October 2020

One step short of an all-out race car

When you feel like your Mercedes-AMG machine doesn’t have quite enough AMG in it, then it’s time for the Black Series.

Black Series AMG cars have been around since 2006 as demonstrators of what the company’s engineers, mechanics and performance wizards can do to distill the drive of a car to the point where it feels as close to a racing machine as possible, without losing its road-legal status. The latest addition to the lineup is the AMG GT Black Series - one step above the AMG GT R Pro, and one step below the AMG GT3 race car.

Underpinning the AMG GT Black Series’ road-warping speed is the extensive use of carbon fibre. The bigger bits include the bonnet, roof, front fenders, tailgate, and two-piece rear aerofoil. Thinner glass for the front and rear screens also reduce weight, as does the carbon fibre prop shaft.

There are a number of race-inspired bodywork bits, including an adjustable front apron, the dual air outlets in the bonnet for improved airflow and a larger cooling air inlet grille. The underside of the car is also almost completely closed in, with a specially designed under tray for better thermal management and downforce.

Mercedes-AMG has reworked its go-to performance motor: the 4,0 twin turbo V8. With some tweaking to the crankshaft and the addition of new camshafts and exhaust manifolds, it now puts out 537kW and 800Nm, which translates into impressive stats. 0-100km/h takes 3,2 seconds, 0-200km/h happens in under 9 seconds, and top speed is 325km/h. The gearbox is a modified 7-speed Speedshift DCT 7G dual clutch, sending power to the rear wheels.

The suspension setup of the AMG GT Black is fully adjustable, with adaptive damping as standard. Traction control is similarly variable, allowing 9 different settings for the driver’s level of skill / bravery.

On the inside, the optional AMG Track Package adds four-point harnesses, a roll cage and a fire extinguisher to give drivers a more authentic racing feel, even when going to the shops.

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